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The Best Community Tools for ZED RUN + How to use them

If you want to really dig into ZED RUN and build a successful stable, you''re going to have to use third-party tools built by the community. Here are our favorite ZED RUN tools and what to use them for, including racing data, ancestry, and buying/selling horses. Here are the tools highlighted in this article: Know Your Horses. Hawku. Zedrun Tools.

Breed Type

The Genesis breed of racehorses was sold by ZED RUN and they play a pivotal role in building family lines of top performing racehorses. Breed types account for 20% of the total weighting when calculating the minimum breeding price. Each breed type is Elite: 90 ...

How to Earn Money in ZED RUN (NFT Horse Racing Game)

 · 2. Earn Stud Farm Fees. Another way to earn a passive income in ZED RUN is through its breeding mechanic. Just like in real life, you can breed a male horse (Colt or Stallion) and a horse (Filly or Mare). If you own a male horse, you can put it up in a Stud Farm. Other players can then breed with your Stud and you will earn a portion of ...

Contract Migration

While you wait for this process to complete, you can still navigate around and away from the ZED RUN site if you wish. Once the batch upgrade is complete, you will see one of two screens (see below). If you still have racehorses that need upgrading through further batches, you will see a ''Continue Upgrade'' button, as well as the number of racehorses that still need upgrading.

ZED RUN: The Future of Horse Breeding and Racing | ConsenSys

 · ZED Fee: 30%. Each racehorse has its own unique DNA profile that determines the horse''s overall characteristics and abilities. The four (4) traits a horse carries are: Bloodline- plays the biggest role in contributing to a racehorse''s overall ability rating and contributes 80% of the overall weighting. Nakamoto: 180%.

Zed Nucleus

Due to recent changes with the Zed API and lack of free time on my end, I will be shutting down Zed-Nucleus. I''m very grateful for being able to meet all the wonderful people in the Zed community while working on this project and look forward to seeing you all on the track. Feel free to hit me up on twitter @RemyRacing Looking for an alternative?

Hawku | LBJ Goat (136992) from ZED n

 · LBJ Goat is a Z47 exclusive Buterin Colt from ZED n Z47 Buterin exclusive Colt ( 1500 III) Air Superiority Blue Bay Area Finest Born: 10/25/21 17:52 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 14 days) Last Race:

Flame Symbol

Each time you place your racehorse into a race, the three flame symbols indicating the top three potential racehorses that are likely to place in position 1, 2 or 3 in a race.

Hawku ZED Marketplace

Z12 Finney legendary Stallion (1552 III)

The Odd Things About Zed n Odds – Zed Guru

What We Know About Zed n Odds. Here are the things we do know about odds – either from the official Zed n team or from testing using data: The Odds are generated by running 1,000 simulations of the scheduled race. Odds do NOT match up properly… if your horse has 20 odds, it is not 5% likely to win a given race (more on that in a second)

Zed n Flames Explained (Strategy For the Post-Odds World)

 · Your Zed n Horse is standing in front of this wheel – and he''s got a strategy that never ever changes. Each spin, he plays each of the 1,000 numbers with a different bet amount. He puts anywhere from $0-$100 on each number. On #1, he puts $25. On #2, he puts $75.

[] LBJ:Tom BradyGOAT

 · NBA. [] LBJ:Tom BradyGOAT. Tue Oct 5 23:59:52 2021. LeBron James says Tom Brady is not the GOAT athlete, Brady responds https://reurl.cc/mvlLN1 Recently,Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James added fuel to that fire, stating that, as great as Tom Brady is, he can''t be considered the GOAT athlete ...


To participate in free racing, all you need is to do is create a stable from ZED RUN and purchase a racehorse from our marketplace and or Opensea (decentralised NFT marketplace). Once you have at least one racehorse in your stable, head over to …

Hawku | LBJ Super Coat Goat (89149) from ZED n

 · LBJ Super Coat Goat is a Z16 cross Nakamoto Mare from ZED n Z16 Nakamoto cross Mare ( 1530 III) Thistle SC Stango Born: 8/28/21 23:09 UTC (Can breed maybe now and today) Last Race:

Zed Guru – Zed n Strategy, Tips, & News

 · November 25, 2021. Zed n held their 2nd Tournament just before Thanksgiving as it awarded a Prize Pool of roughly $105,000 USD split to 288 different Horses who advanced from the ''Quarter Finals'' stage that... Read More. ‹.

Getting Started – Zed Guru

2. Zed n Discord. It''s important to note — I am recommending these 2 steps be taken IN ORDER. Joining the Zed n Discord is a great place to go if you''ve read #1, and still have specific questions about the Zed n environment. Please do not join up and spam silly questions to the #general-chat… that is going to lead to a very ...

LBJ Goat Crusher

 · The NFT horse racing game, Zed Run, on Matic network. more_vert ballot Details expand_more Contract Address 0xa5f1...f215 Token ID 111631 Token Standard ERC-721 Blockchain Polygon ZED RUN Legacy refresh open_in_new share more_vert LBJ Goat ...

9 Zed n Pacers You Can Buy on Hawku For The "Pacers-Only" …

ZedGuru is a paid affiliate of Hawku . Clicking on any of these links and making a purchase will generate a commission for our site at no additional cost to you. Doing so helps support our Website and will encourage more similar Zed n content in the future! Please be encouraged to click on the link that […]


The NFT horse racing game, Zed Run, on Matic network. The NFT horse racing game, Zed Run, on Matic network. 215.7K items 28.2K owners 0.005 floor price 1.1K total volume 215.7K items 0.005 floor price 28.2K owners 1.1K total volume Items expand_more ...

Zed Run Breeding Theory » ZedGazette

 · Zed Run Breeding Theory. Breeding Theory. March 17, 2021 Zed Gazette 3. Many new players in the Discord community are asking what the best breeding strategy is. I am here to tell you, we don''t know. The best we have are theories. Some stables are color breeders, some are trying to figure out profiles (The Gazette), and some are just addicted ...

How to Buy ZED RUN Horses that win races

Here''s how to buy ZED RUN Horses that win races. We explore the go-to tools for finding the best races horses and deals on OpenSea, and how to evaluate horses before you buy them. Featured in this article are Zed Nucleus and Hawku, two great tools for researching and understanding horses and how they perform.

Will There Be Another Zed n Drop? – Zed Guru

01 Jun 2021. Zed n has established that they are selling their finite supply of 38,000 Genesis horses via "drops". However, as time has gone on … these massive "Drop Events" have not gone well. Servers have crashed, Links were sent incorrectly, among other problems. These drops were the best way to get a Genesis Horse at a cheap ...

The Zedge Breeding Tool (Beta)

A base ability and breeding tool for Zed Run stable owners designed to make better breeding decisions faster. Research your horses, horses in the stud barn, or those for sale.

Hawku | LBJr Goat (112864) from ZED n

 · LBJr Goat is a Z5 exclusive Nakamoto Stallion from ZED n Z5 Nakamoto exclusive Stallion ( 1560 III) Burnt Sienna Enderman Studs Born: 9/24/21 14:09 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 7 days) Last Race:

Hawku | LBJ Goat''s cousin (63030) from ZED n

 · LBJ Goat''s cousin is a Z20 exclusive Buterin Colt from ZED n Z20 Buterin exclusive Colt ( 1500 D) Alice Blue (Rare) LALU Born: 7/28/21 3:28 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 13 days) Last Race: ZED

Hawku | LBJ Goat Crusher (111631) from ZED n

 · LBJ Goat Crusher is a Z18 cross Nakamoto Stallion from ZED n Z18 Nakamoto cross Stallion ( 1477 IV) China Rose Stables of Stallions Born: 9/23/21 10:28 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 20 days) Last Race:


The aim is to give all ZED RUN community members an incentive to race their racehorses and breed the champions of the future. How do I know which tournament is live? We will always announce tournaments before they begin on Discord, our other social channels, and on the zed n site itself.


ZED RANKS tracks horse pricing and stable valuations for ZED RUN digital horses in the metaverse.

Hawku Raises $4M From Top Crypto Investors to Build the …

 · Oct 28, 2021 • 3 min read. I am excited to announce that Hawku has raised a $4M seed round to build the premier marketplace for gaming and utility NFTs. We are so fortunate to have an amazing list of investors partnering with us on this journey, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and including but not limited to: Dragonfly Capital, Multicoin ...

Steam Community Market :: Listings for Bone Crusher | Zed …

Killing Floor 2 > Bone Crusher | Zed Hazard | Mint This item is a commodity, where all the individual items are effectively identical. Individual listings aren''t accessible; you can instead issue orders to buy at a specific price, with the cheapest listing getting automatically matched to the highest buy order.



Resources – Zed Guru

Official Zed n Tournament Tracking. "Drilldown" to view Horse''s Win Rate, Profit and ROI over time, filter between Paid/Free Race. "Horseshoe" to view Horse''s Final Positions Graphs at each individual Distance. Also shows Hawku Prices on Profile Page. Showville Rankings show you how your Horses compares to other Horses in terms of ...

Hawku | Crusher (8703) from ZED n

 · Crusher is a Z4 exclusive Nakamoto Stallion from ZED n Z4 Nakamoto exclusive Stallion ( 1697 I) Coral Wave (Rare) 🎗 Renowned Racing🎗 Born: 10/1/20 0:23 UTC (Can breed today) Last Race:

Hawku | LBJ Dan The Goat XM (186120) from ZED n

LBJ Dan The Goat XM is a Z22 cross Finney Colt from ZED n Z22 Finney cross Colt ( 1500 III) Byzantine Bucking Crazy Born: 1/12/22 19:43 UTC (Can …

What is ZED RUN? A new NFT-based racing game, which is the most interesting investment opportunity that could help you earn real money

 · A Huge Digital Community Zed Run places a high value on community. It is, without a doubt, the single most crucial pillar of what they do. In addition to large Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Zed Run Discord has over 121,000 members as of this writing and (by my estimations) rises 10-20k new members per month. ...

Hawku | LBJ Goat Stryker XF (186520) from ZED n

 · LBJ Goat Stryker XF is a Z34 cross Buterin Mare from ZED n Z34 Buterin cross Mare ( 1509 III) Suave Mauve 🍞Pumpernickel Ponies🍞 Born: 1/13/22 5:56 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 27 days) Last Race: